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REDUCTION (valid for two years) of Import Tax from 14% to 2%, for capital goods, computing goods and telecommunications. FOR NEW AND USED GOODS.

Scope and benefits of Ex-Tax:

  • 1 - Technical definition of manufacturing site, in language compatible with inspection point of view;
  • 2 - Proper identification of settings of equipment that will be imported;
  • 3 - Technical/tax adjustment, as per COANA's determination;
  • 4 - Suggestion of product description;
  • 5 - Technical and attorney's follow up in Brasília;

Ex-tax is related to issuance of CAMEX Resolution, under the following conditions:

  • 1 - Certificate of Inexistence of National Production;
  • 2 - Specific objectives of the project, such as destination to export; replacement of import and improvement of infrastructure;
  • 3 - Global investments related to process in US$
  • 4 - Investments in imported goods in US$;
  • 5 - Investments in national goods in R$.

Our services will be charged per NCM (Mercosur Common Nomenclature)